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My dear friend Andrew shares his amazing testimony of his journey from male factor sterility to being the joyful father of TWINS!

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Testimony – Resting in Jesus Finished work over Miscarriage!

Josh & I met on June 18, 2004.  On June 18 of 2005 we said, I do, and became husband and wife for life.  Little did we know at that time what, “for better or worse” meant when we said that phrase in our vows.  While dating, Josh and I decided that we wanted to be married for 5 years before having children, as Nerida states in one of her sermons, it was something we took for granted, we assumed it would happen whenever we wanted it to.  We wanted to travel, enjoy each other, get some money saved, all the things most couples try to plan before having a baby.  Well fast forward to our 5 year wedding anniversary, we were having dinner.  We started to discuss our plans on having a family.  Josh asked if I was ready to have a baby, and at that time I said let’s wait one more year, little did we know we were already pregnant.  After taking a test and realizing we were pregnant, we were ECSTATIC.  We told our families right away, we posted on Facebook right away, we wanted the world to know we were gonna have a baby.  Around my 6th week of my pregnancy I started having extreme cramping and bleeding, we called the Dr and went in for a ultrasound.  We were sitting in a small back room and were told the worst news.  I was miscarrying.  The Dr had zero sympathy, and sent Josh and I on our way devastated, confused, and shocked.  After experiencing that terrible difficulty, we realized we were ready to have a baby.

After being cleared, we decided to get pregnant again.  Right away with no problem we became pregnant, a little more aware of what could happen we hesitated to share our news with anyone except our mothers.  6 weeks came, and we had our first Dr appointment.  I hadn’t had any bleeding, so we were starting to get excited that everything was okay.  We sat in the Dr’s office and waited on an ultrasound.  We were told after the ultrasound that we were having a molar pregnancy, which neither of us had ever heard of.  After the Dr came in and described it I became terrified.  He said I was gonna have to have surgery, that if everything wasn’t taken care of it could cause cancer, to me it sounded like a death sentence.  I called my mom and told her I didn’t know if I wanted to ever get pregnant again.  After calming down, I began to pray.  I prayed that the pregnancy would not be molar, after having the surgery, it was confirmed it was not molar, but I never really got a clear answer as to what was wrong.

After a little time we decided to try and get pregnant again.  This time we were both scared, not sure what was ahead, trying to believe that everything would be okay, but always having questions in our minds.  Once again we became pregnant right away, went in for our 6 week appointment, and was told that this pregnancy was a blighted ovum.  Which meant, according to the ultrasound, there was a sac but there was no baby.  The Dr came in to discuss another surgery, we decided to let my body do whatever it chose to do.  We had heard of people being told there was no baby, and a baby actually be there.  So we waited, around 8 weeks my body began to miscarry again.  After this event I became doubtful in ever becoming a mother.  I felt so alone, I would see pregnant people in the mall and have such a desire to be a Mommy.  I felt like I was a let down to my husband, who I knew would be an amazing Daddy.  I felt like I had some type of disease that no one understood.  When all of my negative emotions began to calm down I started googling.  God used an iPad, & google to help me discover Nerida Walker’s ministry.  I searched and read and believed every word that she was saying, that night I ordered It Is Finished, and God’s Plan for Pregnancy.

When the books arrived I started reading It Is Finished first, I put God’s Plan for Pregnancy away.  I didn’t want to think about being pregnant or having a baby, I wanted to dig into the word and learn everything I could possibly learn.  I didn’t want to be reading just for having a baby, I really wanted to learn more about who Jesus is.  My whole life was spent in church, I was kinda taught to believe whatever happens is suppose to happen, it’s God’s will.  When reading It Is Finished I realized that isn’t the truth.  I learned that we have a power inside of us that can speak to situations, and they MUST change.  I learned that Jesus took stripes on His back for us to claim healing.  After reading It Is Finished, I began to read God’s Plan for Pregnancy.  I read every single word, I was also listening to sermons by Nerida several times a day.  Each day everything was becoming real to me, I began to believe that Jesus wouldn’t withhold any good thing from us.  I believed that I was a fruitful vine, that He makes the barren woman to be a joyful mother of children.

After much studying and building of faith, we decided to try again to get pregnant.  This time I felt different about being pregnant, I can’t say that I never got nervous, but when I did I would say out loud, God has not given me a spirit of fear.  I spoke to my body to line up with God’s word, and I wouldn’t accept anything else.  Once we saw a positive pregnancy test we went and bought a crib, I think I was 5 weeks.  We bought the crib while we were on vacation celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary.

Our first Dr appointment was at 6 weeks, we had an ultrasound, and there was a heartbeat, there was a BABY!!!!  We were so thankful, relieved, excited, and a million other emotions.  I believed God, that our baby shall live and not die declaring the word of the Lord, I believed that I shall not miscarry or be barren.  I had an absolutely amazing pregnancy, no spotting, no bleeding, we were sailing through the pregnancy.  At our 23 week appointment we were given an ultrasound and told that they believed our baby girl had one ventricle in her brain that was larger than the other.  I got on google to see what that meant, I didn’t even know there were ventricles in your brain, I had only heard that word when referring to someone’s heart.  I received that call while I was in my classroom teaching my kindergarteners.  I left my students with the aid, went to the bathroom, and prayed like there would be no tomorrow.  I spoke to her brain, which I had done everyday of my pregnancy, to function the way God designed.  We had almost a week before our appointment with the specialist, my prayer for the appointment was, God let them look at us and ask us why are you here.  On a Tuesday morning, my husband and I make the trip to the specialist.  We walk into the ultrasound room, as soon as the technician puts the probe on my belly we were looking right into the brain.  She explained what we were looking at, she looked at us and said, “why are you here?”  I told her what the Dr had said, and she said, “the ventricles are identical, I can measure to make sure.”  Sure enough, they were both the exact same size.  God answered our prayer.

Fast forward to February 5, 2013, at 9:15 pm… a nurse placed the prettiest baby girl I have ever seen on my chest, 7lb 10oz, 21.5 in. long, Abigail Grace Watson.  Every prayer that I had ever prayed, every tear that I had ever cried was totally worth it at that moment.  She is now 8 months old, and is a total joy in our lives.  She has an amazing personality, she is so happy.  When she says Mama I feel like my heart is going to explode in my chest.  She is our good & perfect gift, she is fearfully & wonderfully made.  If I have anything to say to anyone, don”t lose hope, God is faithful to complete that which He has started in you.  He deserves the glory, the praise, and all the honor!!!!!!  Thank you Nerida for your ministry, blessings to you always!!!!!

Thank you,
Josh, Tiffany, & Abigail Watson

Abigail Watson

April’s Conception Testimony (male and female factor)!

April Dozier

Hello Everyone! My name is April and I am from North Carolina.

I Just want to share my testimony for who ever needs encouragement from it. I have been married for eight years, and was trying to conceive for seven years. Throughout all of those years doctors could not tell me why I couldn conceive. I have always had irregular cycles since I was 13 years old, but could never understand why. Then when I was 15, my pediatrician told my mom that I would never have children, and if I did, I would have difficulty having that one (always remember life and death is in the power of your tongue). So not only was I fighting against that curse, I was fighting against the confusion of why I can’t have a baby.

I felt horrible, sad, less of a woman, and felt like I let my husband down. I would celebrate everyone else’s pregnancy outwardly, but inwardly cry and ask God what about me. My husband and I had so much love to give and we wanted to have a baby so we can share that love. I felt like I was being punished. We would receive prophesy after prophesy, but still no baby. I was over prophesies…lol Until I found Nerida Walker online, and started reading through her website. We took scriptures from her site and posted it on our bathroom.

Exodus 23:25-26 Worship the Lordyour God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span.

Every morning we would read out loud faithfully and decree and declare healing in my womb. In October 2011 we went to a conception specialist and the doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. The doctor also diagnosed my husband with a low sperm count. The doctor said that was the reason why we couldn’t conceive. The doctor offered ways to conceived and procedures we could get done. After receiving all of that info, my husband and I decided that we were just going to rest and wait on God while still reading scriptures and believing God.

On Christmas eve of 2011 I was feeling very weird and decided to take a test, and low and behold….it was positive!

Now my husband and I have a beautiful healthy baby girl named Lydia who just turned one!

I pray this testimony will encourage those who are believing God for their own family!


Testimony – Twins!

Miracle Twins

The year 2011 was no doubt the most painful for my husband and i as our first born healthy son whom our family and loved ones were all looking forward to welcome had passed away 7 hours after a natural + vacuum delivery gone wrong. Grappling with my immense grief, i sunk into depression and did not understand why my newborn had to be taken away from me, having us as parents to bury our child and not knowing what to say to people who knew that i was pregnant and later saw that i had no newborn around me, and still having to complete my confinement during that period too. I couldn’t pick myself up to go to work after the confinement month and used the remaining maternity leave entitlement staying at home. My hubby, who wanted to be strong for us both, also gave up a regional posting for he felt this did not come at the right time.

Just as people around me tried to comfort me by saying time would heal all wounds, 6 months later, my mum, aged 59, suddenly passed away in her sleep. I lost 2 loved ones in a span of 6 months.

I felt my world collapse around me, my support system, and often cried out to God on whether He had forsaken me and why this was happening to us. It did not help when well-meaning Christian friends related the story of Job to me and quoted the line that said ‘He gave and He take away’ … ‘praise be the name of the Lord’… I felt outraged and upset on why He had to take away my first born son in such a manner, to allow me to give birth to him and to see his face and carry him and only for him to be taken away from me in a span of 7 hours.

Amidst the depression, i wanted a child so badly that i was thrown further into depression when during the post-partum period, the months seemed endless to waiting for my monthly period to return.

A month after my mum passed away, a colleague of mine invited me to New Creation Church and told me of a special church service for couples who wanted to conceive by Pastor Nerida Walker and to hear of her own testimony. Before i went, she also prayed for me and somehow spoke to me about twins. I even told her “If i have one alive child now, i will be already more than thankful, much less twins”. She encouraged me not to limit God as He is the God of abundance! Nevertheless, as it was a weekday, my hubby was busy at work and couldn’t make it on the first night. I recall reminding him that i would really like to attend and the second night was the last night.

Looking back, i believe this was a divine appointment for us to be there on the second night because i recall getting ready to go out and challenging God from my bathroom mirror that “Lord, please… if you are so so real, please show me how real You are.”

That night, it was our first visit to New Creation Church. Pastor Nerida Walker’s words seem to speak right into me, mentioning about how miscarriage and childloss was NOT part of God’s plan, she even spoke about Job and how was Job who lamented “He gave and He take away” and it was not God who said He gave and He take away. Pastor Lien reiterated and close the service by telling us “God gives and He gives and He gives …”

I was richly blessed at the service when it was time for a altar call and i was utterly shocked when Pastor Nerida Walker said that tonight she wanted to pray for: 1) the person or people who have lost their child and 2) were being prayed for with twins. At that moment, i felt that the challenge i gave to God to be real with me came alive and told my hubby that altar call was for me.

Both my hubby and i went forward and were prayed for by Pastor Nerida Walker. While i did not literally feel shivers down my spine of any sorts, i felt set free from blaming God for the loss of my son and that night, i felt that He felt the pain i felt of losing my firstborn.

Two months later, my husband and i could not believe when the gynaecologist announced that i was carrying twins! He was a fellow Christian who had heard of our story and had wanted to help me regulate my monthly cycle to help us conceive the second time. I believe that it was by no coincidence that this Christian gynae wanted to help us but our Abba Father creating little steps of restoration towards a beautiful miracle. The miracle was that before we even conceived, the gynae had monitored my cycle and told me that in that month, i could have a chance of either having one or none. Upon seeing 2 heartbeats on the screen monitor, he fell on his knees and praised Jesus for this miracle! Also, the fact that the detail scanning later showed us that it was fraternal boy-girl twins also confirmed that this can only be produced with 2 eggs and not a single egg splitting by chance to create identical twins. Only God knows how a second egg came and ‘bore fruit’! In addition, both my husband and my families did not have anyone who were twins!

During this pregnancy journey, my husband and i have been attending New Creation Church and we have been richly blessed by Pastor Prince’s sermons and teachings and these 9 months have been a healing and restoration journey towards knowing it was not God who took away my baby and that He has not forsaken us. Pastor Prince shared on the story of Ruth and that to “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled”. Ruth 3:18. Jesus was and is our heavenly Boaz!

With the shadow of what happened during the first pregnancy overwhelming me, i was very scared to go through a natural delivery again, fearing that something bad would happen. As twin pregnancies were considered high risk, gynae had also advised us to go through a c-section with GA so that i would be asleep throughout. However i was also very fearful of that and the Lord knew that deep down, i wished i could attempt a natural delivery so that i could witness the birth of my twins.

I started having contractions at the end of the 31st week (Sunday) and was rushed to the hospital at 5am on a Sunday morning and praise God that despite being scheduled for a C-section on my 36th week, the twins were delivered naturally at 5.20am and 5.37amrespectively! The gynae even chuckled that the twins wanted to come out that i do not have a choice for C-section as the first twin literally came out together with the water bag bursting. Although they were born premature in the neonatal ICU, we prayed and told God this was His miracle and He was gonna make sure He was watching them grow stronger and stronger everyday and that no weapon formed amongst my babies will prosper.

What made it even more beautiful as we wept for joy was when on the day we finally announced this piece of news to family and friends on Facebook, i read New Creation Church’s daily devotion and it was this bible verse: “Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope. Even today i declare I will restore double to you.” Zec 9:12

All glory to our Lord Jesus, the God of miracles, restoration and abundance!


Adrick, Shiloh, Nerida, Shannen & Clarissa (Left to Right)

Left to Right – Adrick, Shiloh, Nerida, Shannen, Clarissa. Cornerstone Community Church 6th September 2013

Testimony – Diogo Healed from Asthma with the confirmation of Medical Report | JesusandHisGrace

Emmanuel and DiogoEmanuel Writes…

My beloveds Friends, I shared a testimony of my Son Diogo on Facebook a while ago but was coming to my heart to Share here on my Blog..This is strong and powerful!!  But this post was shared before the last appointment with the doctor, in the end of this testimony im sharing already after the medical report10 July 2013…

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Testimony of my Son Diogo Healed from Asthma with the confirmation of Medical Report | JesusandHisGrace.

How Healing Flows

Discover some of the different ways how you can experience God’s healing power in your life.

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Ella Testimony

Ella Shares her how after 4 miscarriages she conceived and carried Riley with ease! Ella also shares how she overcame fear during her pregnancy all by the grace of God!

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Testimony of 2 Miracle Conceptions + More!

I know this Testimony will bless your sox off!

My friend Heidi shares her testimony of conception after chemotherapy and menopause! It’s my prayer after you read this that you will come to know personally for yourself that NOTHING is impossible with God!

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Testimony – Healing of Infertility & Placenta Previa!

You are Already Healed!

Nikki Shares her testimony of how she experienced healing of secondary infertility caused by non-ovulatory cycles. She also shares healing from Placenta Previa where her placenta was relocated from being implanted in her cervix to the TOP of her uterus!

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FAQ – If God is in control, why have I not conceived yet?

This is another Frequently Asked Question that I receive.

I pray that my answers to all of these FAQ’s will help you to renew your mind to God’s goodness and to know that He is ALWAYS willing, ready and able to show Himself strong to you in your time of need!

This question and others like it come from the assumption that God is withholding from us. But does this line up with the nature of God described throughout the Bible? 

I believe that if God was in control of everything that happens in our life then NO ONE would be sick, die or suffer and NO ONE would miscarry or be barren!

Have I got you thinking?

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