Video Testimonies!

Hi to all!
I have just uploaded two video testimonies to youtube. They were recorded back in 2010. We thought we had lost the footage but found it recently. These video’s are not yet public so only those who have the link can watch. Feel free to share these with friends who you believe who will be encouraged!
Here are the links:-
Be Blessed!

Barrenness Redeemed

Jesus has already won the battle of infertility and miscarriage for you!

Regardless of what others say remind yourself of this simple truth, that you were not created to be barren, infertile or sterile! If there is something missing in your body it can be replaced, if something has been damaged it can be restored and if there is a sickness or disease it can be removed!

The price has been paid and the victory over infertility and miscarriage has ALREADY been won for you through Jesus finished work on the Cross! Therefore, I encourage you to stop struggling and start RESTING in what Jesus has already provided for you!


Rest does not mean inactivity or to sit back and do nothing but means to cease from your own labour and self effort to earn favour from God or to make something happen. Instead trust in what Jesus has already purchased for you and let Him personally guide and lead you into your victory!

A note to your Husband from my Husband!

‘You will never have any children of your own.’ Upon hearing these words from my doctor, I could have reacted in any number of ways. I could have cried out in anguish and despair, or in anger and accusation. I could have blamed my wife, God, my parents, the government, global warming or genetically modified food. Any of these reactions would have been normal and to be expected when someone hears such devastating news. Instead, I received the news with an unexpected calm, and in my mind I rejected the diagnosis. As I left the doctor’s office, God gave me a vision. I saw myself holding the hand of a small child. As I wondered what this meant, I heard a voice say, ‘this is your child.’ That was it. We would have a child of our own, and nothing any specialist said to me could ever change that fact. No argument could ever change that fact. I remember telling my wife that God had said ‘be fruitful’ and that was enough for me.

The situation will be different for each couple, but in our case, I was the one diagnosed with the problem. Those men like me who have experienced fertility problems can sometimes feel that like we’re ‘less than a man’. That’s like saying that a car missing its rear vision mirror is no longer a car. If you are experiencing fertility problems, then I encourage you to read as much of this web site and my wife’s book ‘God’s Plan For Pregnancy’ as possible. While this may seem primarily for women, with many subjects that can make even the toughest of us queasy, her books contain biblical truths and encouraging testimonies of other couples who have overcome infertility. Maybe your wife is the one experiencing a fertility problem. She may also experience feelings of incompleteness or inadequacy. As the spiritual head of the household, you are called to uphold her, strengthen her, pray for her and encourage her in her faith in Jesus.

I therefore encourage you to stand in agreement with your wife for your personal situation for there is power in the prayer of agreement. Additionally, you will find that you will grow stronger together as a couple and also in your relationship with the Lord.

Shaun Walker