How to rest in Jesus finished work during Pregnancy Complications!

How to rest in Jesus finished work during Pregnancy Complications!

I felt led to share with those of you who face complications in your pregnancy not to be thrown “if” a challenge presents itself. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the complications we face and we get caught up in analyzing why they are there or how come we are struggling etc. But at the end of the day, try not to focus on the natural facts and on the why’s or how’s, instead focus on the solution, which is Jesus and His finished work!

During my 1st pregnancy it seemed like a constant battle for Kaitlin’s life! We’d overcome one hurdle and another would present itself BUT as we stopped looking to the challenges and instead looked to Jesus and focussed on the answer, we were able to get the victory every single time.

Remember always that Jesus has ALREADY won the battle for you! The price has been paid and the victory already won over any form of sickness or disease – and this includes all the complications that can manifest itself in your pregnancy!

The Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous BUT the Lord shall deliver us from them all. Therefore,the Good News for those of us in the New Covenant is that we already have victory over any complication we may face in a pregnancy because Jesus has already gone before us and won the battle through His finished work.

I encourage you to take one day at a time as you grow in this truth and learn to rest in what Jesus has already purchased for you. Keep meditating on the truth of what Jesus has already done because this will help to renew your mind and for this truth to come to life and become real to you personally. Also remember that you don’t have to labour to make healing manifest! One of the most powerful prayers you can pray is:-

PRAYER: “Lord I can’t do this, I can’t make this happen so I resign from all of my trying and self-effort and I ask you to help me because all things are possible with you”.

This will help you to take the focus off of you and what you can do and to rest in Jesus power and ability instead. I know many who have experienced a supernatural breakthrough this way. It is soooo freeing to know that we don’t have to fight this battle alone and do everything in our own strength. Jesus is right there with you and He is looking to show Himself strong to you and help you in your time of need :)

Now that is Good News!

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Faith and Fertility

Hebrews 11:1 KJV Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Fruitful by GRACE!

Substance means: that which has actual existence, confidence, firm trust, and assurance

Evidence means: proof, conviction, title deed, receipt

Faith based on God’s Word as our foundation will keep us firm and steady.  So when the Word says that none shall be barren or none shall miscarry and that we are fruitful and that we ARE healed, then this is our evidence, proof or receipt of whatwe have ALREADY received through what Jesus has freely provided for us through His finished work!

Remember always that we are SAVED (healed, delivered, prospered and made whole) by GRACE (what Jesus has freely provided) through FAITH (believing Jesus finished work on the Cross was enough). It is a GIFT of God, not of works so that none of us can boast (see Ephesians 2:8-9).

Your faith in Jesus finished work is enough for you to experience the breakthrough you need in any area of life! But faith doesn’t “earn” but rather “positions” you to receive what God has ALREADY provided. So faith isn’t based on your performance or on your “ability to believe” but rather is based upon Jesus performance and on what He has already done!  This is why it is important for you to know what God’s Word says about your situation and also about what Jesus has already freely provided. When your heart is established on what God’s Word says regarding your personal situation, this will anchor your soul by enabling you to continue to walk by the Word and not by what your feelings, emotions or circumstances dictate to you! This is what will help you to cross the line from barrenness into FRUITFULNESS in every area of life!