FAQ – How to overcome Jealousy

Why do we continue to struggle to experience our victory while everyone else experiences the very breakthrough we are standing and believing for? It just doesn’t seem fair! We try to keep our…

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Testimony – Healing of Infertility & Placenta Previa!

You are Already Healed!

Nikki Shares her testimony of how she experienced healing of secondary infertility caused by non-ovulatory cycles. She also shares healing from Placenta Previa where her placenta was relocated from being implanted in her cervix to the TOP of her uterus!

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Video Testimonies!

Hi to all!
I have just uploaded two video testimonies to youtube. They were recorded back in 2010. We thought we had lost the footage but found it recently. These video’s are not yet public so only those who have the link can watch. Feel free to share these with friends who you believe who will be encouraged!
Here are the links:-
Be Blessed!


If you are struggling to have children or know of others who are struggling I want to direct you to the testimony pages of two of my web sites. You will find testimonies of victories of many different complications preventing conception or the full duration of the pregnancy.

Visit Here for Bringing Life to Barrenness testimony page

And Here for God’s Plan for Pregnancy testimony page

If you would like to add your own testimony to encourage others email me!

Powerful Fertility Related Resources!

I have created a New Page on this blog to list some Powerful Fertility Related Resources to help you in your journey. They have been created to help you to cross the line and walk in victory over barrenness – in every area of your life!

Visit: https://faithandfertility.com/resources/ for more information!

FAQ – God’s Timing?

What About God’s Timing?

I have heard many say that God is waiting until they are ready, or until they have grown or have learnt something before He will heal them, prosper them or give them children.  Let me tell you, this is definitely not scriptural.  A lot of people find God through sickness, disease and suffering but that doesn’t mean that God caused or used it.  In fact, He will work in spite of it.  What Satan intended to harm and destroy, the Lord will take and work for good.

So, does God’s timing play a part when it comes to healing or to receiving children?  Do we need to sit and wait until God is ready to heal, bless us or give us a child?

When it comes to the finished work of the Cross and what Jesus purchased for us, I personally do not believe in ‘God’s timing’.  This is because it would mean you would be waiting for God to do what He has already done!

We know that when God created Adam and Eve, He created them healthy.  He blessed them and told them to go forth and to multiply.  Adam and Eve did not suffer with sickness or disease.  He made mankind blessed, fruitful, and healthy!  Remember, we don’t have to come and ask God for what He has already provided for us.  If you are struggling in this area you need to understand – it is NOT GOD WITHHOLDING FROM YOU.  God is not making you sick – or preventing you from being healed or from receiving children!

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the ‘knowledge’ of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden their eyes were opened and they knew evil.  Knowledge means to know by observing, calculating and experiencing.  Up until that point they only knew good.  We know that the result of the fall in the Garden meant that the world was now in a fallen state (it was now cursed for Adam’s sake – meaning as a result of what Adam had done).  Satan was also made god of this world.

God’s Solution

When Jesus died on the Cross, He paid the price for EVERYTHING that came into the world as the result of sin and the fall.  Satan is still roaming the earth as the god of this world (for a time) and the consequences of the fall are still at work, and this is why sickness, disease and infertility and miscarriage are still operating on the earth.  But, praise God, through the work of the Cross JESUS DISARMED IT ALL!  He deprived it of power to harm us!  He bore it ALL on His body, and He became our substitute.  So ANYONE who looks to the Cross LIVES!  We do not have to continue to be bitten by this fallen world and the effects of the curse of the law.  If we partake of the work of the Cross we can overcome and learn how to walk in victory over what we may experience!  Isn’t that exciting?!

Through Jesus, God has made the provision for your healing. And this includes healing from everything that can cause or contribute to any form of sickness, disease or pain upon your body.  It also includes whatever condition is preventing you from conceiving and carrying your healthy babies to full term.

We know that when Jesus ascended to heaven – He SAT DOWN!  His work was complete!  So this means that we don’t need to pray and ask God for what He has already provided because it is FINISHED!  This means sickness and disease and everything that causes them are FINISHED! So this also means that infertility, miscarriage and whatever causes those is FINISHED!

Healing and fruitfulness is God’s plan, purpose and will for all of mankind.  That never changes.   The causes of sickness, disease, infertility, miscarriage and pain are many and varied, but remember, Jesus has already paid the price for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING holding us back from receiving healing, conceiving and walking in perfect health!  So you can clearly see that God’s timing has nothing whatsoever to do with healing or having children.  Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father – WAITING FOR YOU – to go and possess EVERYTHING He died to give to you!

So what are you waiting for?  GO FORTH BE HEALED, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY!

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Copyright 2009 God’s Plan for Pregnancy by Nerida Walker. [This is an exert from the healing chapter under FAQ].  This is also in the healing chapter of  my other book: It is Finished – transforming your life through the finished work of the Cross by Nerida Walker. For more information visit: www.godsplanforpregnancy.com andwww.itisfinishedbook.com

Healed of Stage 4 Cancer – Audio Testimony

Gillian shares her sons testimony

Audio Testimony – healed of stage 4 cancer FREE download: https://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/76577

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I’m always receiving requests from couples asking for prayer for healing of infertility, pregnancy health issues or for unborn babies. While I’d love to pray for everyone, time does not permit. Therefore, I have recorded a prayer that the Lord laid on my heart to help you.  You can also view this prayer on youtube. Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/41499

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Testimonies 2009
Some of the testimonies shared at the end of 2009. Nerida shares Bron’s and Isabelle’s story, then Amanda, Isabelle & Chris, Michelle and Tricia personally share what God has done in their lives – healing, victory over miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, conception after chemo and cancer and healing of a marriage! Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33012

Overcoming Infertility by Leanne Brooke
Leanne shares her journey of overcoming PCOS, unbalanced hormones, threatened miscarriage and years of infertility. Leanne is now the mother of 4 miracle children! Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33013

Victory Over Loss by Gillian Robson
In this message, Gillian Shares her testimony how she overcame the grief and sorrow after the loss of twins in the 2nd stage of pregnancy (after 7 years of infertility). Gillian not only overcame loss but also infertility and miscarriage. She is now a mother of 2 beautiful girls and walks in a spirit of victory.
Conception Testimony by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares her journey through how she conceived her first child through IVF and then her 2nd child supernaturally – in spite of impossible circumstances.
Bronwyn Conception Testimony
Bronwyn first shared her Journey in 2005 on her conception journey and victory over 2 threatened miscarriages with her first 2 miracle children. Bronwyn also shares how she experienced a joyful, quick and blessed birth with her 2nd baby after being traumatised while giving birth to her first baby.
Testimony By Bronwyn Emmett
Bronwyn shares her journey through both primary and secondary infertility and how after Five consecutive miscarriages she discovered God’s grace, which then enabled her to conceive against all odds and carry her baby safely to term without any complications!
Testimony By Sharon A
Sharon was healed from a tumour on her pituitary gland and from dermoid cysts. She is now a joyful mother of 3 beautiful boys.
Overcoming Grief through The Word of God by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares how to walk by the Word of God over loss and grief. This is a very powerful message that will encourage anyone that has lost a loved one.
 Frame your World through Your Words by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares a brief message to encourage you how to change your world through your words.
Endurance By Gillian Robson
Gillian shares how she learned how to fight the good fight of faith and not waver during her journey to conceiving her miracle babies. Discover what you can do in between discovering you can’t have children, finding the truth in God’s Word & then holding the baby in your arms.
Message for You!
Nerida shares a very candid and open message to encourage the couples on one of our on-line support groups. We felt to release this on the net so that other couples can be encouraged too.
Visit the Audio Pages at www.neridawalker.com for more messages on fertility and also for General Audio messages on Healing and Jesus finished work.

My Testimony – Husband Healed from Sterility!

I Know how painful it is to be told by Doctor’s that “You

Here are my 4 miracle children.

will never have children of your own”. And if you are facing a similar situation, let me encourage you because with God nothing is ever impossible! We had 4 children in 4yrs! Here is my story…

Worship the LORD your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span. Exod 23:25-26

To Shaun (my husband) and I, this Scripture is not simply words on a page but living truth. Faith in that promise has meant that our children Kaitlin, Aidan, Aaron and Jesse could be born into the world. It is the power of God’s Word of truth that brought about what man declared an impossibility.

In January 1994, after several medical tests and examinations Shaun was diagnosed as being sterile. The tests concluded that he had a nonexistent sperm count and he was told that it was medically impossible for him to father a child. The only option offered to us was to have a child using sperm donation. But Shaun made a decision to reject the diagnosis because he knew it was God’s will for us to have our own biological children.

When Shaun came home and shared the diagnosis with me, at first I was devastated. All my hopes and dreams of becoming a mother were shattered. All I could hear in my mind were the words of the doctor that it was ‘medically impossible for us to have a child of our own.’ Shaun’s body needed physical healing and my mindset and faith in God needed healing. I had often prayed in the past for healing from colds and sore throats and I would be healed. That seemed easy for me. But at first I couldn’t fathom the miracle that Shaun needed. In order for me to believe for our child I had to renew my mind with the Word of God.

Back then I had no idea that God had provided answers for me in this area in His Word until I came across the scripture in Exodus 23, which said that I would not miscarry or be barren. If I had not discovered this promise, I may have never known God’s will for my life. This scripture went straight to my heart and impacted me in a powerful way. I knew beyond doubt that it was the nature, character and will of God for me to have my own biological children! Through this scripture God showed me that our situation was not impossible. It revealed that an impossible situation for us was simply an opportunity for Him! I soon learnt to put my trust in what God said about me in His Word and not the words of the prognosis.

God’s Word had been planted like a seed of faith in both Shaun’s and my heart. From that time on it was up to us to water, feed and nurture the seed so it could grow. By faith we believed together that Jesus would bring life to what our circumstances said were dead.

When our doctor recommended more tests to find the cause of Shaun’s sterility, we decided to trust our judgment (we had prayed for wisdom) and chose not to follow through with the tests, but to trust solely in God’s Word. We continued to claim healing for Shaun’s body and thanked God for our child. During this time of growing in faith, our circumstances didn’t seem to change. However we supported each other in prayer, standing in agreement on God’s Word and speaking words of faith, not words of defeat. We chose to believe that what God said He would do He would actually do. And within six months, I became pregnant with our first child! When Shaun told our doctor the news, he wouldn’t believe it. He called Shaun into his office and after showing him again the results of the tests he said, ‘this is not your baby. It is impossible for you to father a child!’ Well, he was wrong! Nothing is impossible with God!

My testimony didn’t end there. I also faced adverse circumstances such as threatened miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and the threat of Downs’ syndrome but by placing my trust in God and His Word, I had four healthy children within four and a half years! I also took the Word (like medicine) into my pregnancies, births and postnatal period and was able to rise above these and other complications and experience healthy pregnancies, childbirth without trauma, complications or excruciating pain and enjoy the blessing of bringing forth a new life as well as the whole childbearing experience.

Hosea 4:6 says, ‘my people perish because of lack of knowledge.’ The main way we gain Godly knowledge for our life and also knowledge of God’s will for our life is through His Word. God is the creator of everything; He is also not a respecter of persons which means He doesn’t show favouritism (Romans 2:11). So anyone who believes can receive from God’s Word. Jesus said when you know the truth it will set you free (John 8:32). Through the work He did on the cross, you can overcome any problem of barrenness, fertility challenge or any other complication throughout your pregnancy and birth and, like me, learn to walk in a spirit of victory.

Shaun and I use Scripture every time we pray now, because we have learned how powerful it is. My prayer is that as you develop your trust in God your relationship and understanding of Him will deepen. I also pray that you will receive revelation and knowledge from His Word regarding His plan for your children. However, do not simply read Scriptures but apply them to your life. Study, meditate and speak them over your circumstances to renew your mind because when you meditate on the promises of God, He will reveal his ‘good, pleasing and perfect will’ in your life (Romans 12:2).

Copyright God’s Plan for Pregnancy by Nerida Walker

Gillian’s Testimony

Victory over Loss

Gillian Shares her testimony how she overcame grief and sorrow after losing twins in the 2nd stage of pregnancy (after 7 years of infertility). Gillian not only overcame grief and sorrow but then overcame years of infertility and multiple losses. Gillian shares how she gained strength and revelation from God’s Word and how she applied it to her life to walk in victory over infertility and loss once and for all!

You can download and listen to this Audio Testimony with our compliments here: https://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33014

Gillian’s Conception Testimony

Gillian shares her 10 year infertility journey and how she conceived her first child through IVF. Gillian only had one working ovary with no fallopian tube to that ovary. Gillian then shares how she conceived her second miracle baby supernaturally – in spite of these impossible circumstances. She also shares how she overcame miscarriage and premature labour.

You can download and listen to this Audio Testimony with our compliments here: https://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33021

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