Best Christian Blog of The Week (Aug 18, 2013)

What an honour! My Blog, has been awarded the Best Christian Blog for the week for August 18th 2013!

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Best Christian Blog of The Week + Latest Bible Prophecy: Best Christian Blog of The Week (Aug 12 – Aug 18, 2013).

How To Deal With Pregnancy Envy

I am so thankful my pregnancy is going well and that I am able to experience this again. Less than a year ago, I was ready to pack it in and take a break from the 14 month battle with infertility. I was worn out from all the charting, wondering, questioning, and waiting. I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen and if it did, I was afraid that my pregnancy would end too soon as it has 12 times before. I was envious of others who seemed to have it happen so easily.

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52-Year-Old’s Dream of Having a Baby Comes True After 20 Years

Kate Fezigha says her daughter is a miracle, and really, it’s hard to argue that she could be anything but one. Fezigha, 52, is a midwife and for almost 20 years delivered the babies of other women while desperately aching for one of her own.

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Sexual dilemmas and confusion are not things that were invented in the 21st century. As much as each generation questions the moral codes of the next, historical research reveals that sexual issues have been around since the beginning of time. We live in a world filled with opinions regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual behaviour. 

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