FAQ – If God is in control, why have I not conceived yet?

This is another Frequently Asked Question that I receive.

I pray that my answers to all of these FAQ’s will help you to renew your mind to God’s goodness and to know that He is ALWAYS willing, ready and able to show Himself strong to you in your time of need!

This question and others like it come from the assumption that God is withholding from us. But does this line up with the nature of God described throughout the Bible? 

I believe that if God was in control of everything that happens in our life then NO ONE would be sick, die or suffer and NO ONE would miscarry or be barren!

Have I got you thinking?

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Twins Healed of major defects in Womb!

I was searching through my other blog today and found a testimony that I also wanted to share with you here!

Simply click on the link below to read MORE on God’s goodness! I pray this testimony will encourage you in your journey and show you how nothing is impossible with God!

Twins Healed of major defects in Womb! | Hannah’s Victory.

Video Testimonies!

Hi to all!
I have just uploaded two video testimonies to youtube. They were recorded back in 2010. We thought we had lost the footage but found it recently. These video’s are not yet public so only those who have the link can watch. Feel free to share these with friends who you believe who will be encouraged!
Here are the links:-
Be Blessed!


If you are struggling to have children or know of others who are struggling I want to direct you to the testimony pages of two of my web sites. You will find testimonies of victories of many different complications preventing conception or the full duration of the pregnancy.

Visit Here for Bringing Life to Barrenness testimony page

And Here for God’s Plan for Pregnancy testimony page

If you would like to add your own testimony to encourage others email me!

A New Mind!

Do you struggle to look past your natural circumstances? Or do you struggle to see God’s Word as being real, alive and personal to you?

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See Sickness through Jesus Finished Work

See sickness and disease through the eyes of Jesus finished work!

Recorded 4th July 2010

You are a Joyful mother (or Father) of Children!

Let me encourage you not to look at your life through the eyes of your diagnosis, your past or through your own natural understanding. Rather look at your life through the eyes of God’s Word and what He says about you!

For specific scriptures on what God says regarding your fertility read my post Answers for Infertility


Copyright New Life Ministries 2013

Copyright New Life Ministries 2013

Does God Break us?


New Audio Message…

Does God break us? 

There are many traditions and doctrines of men that attribute human trials and suffering to God. So when something goes wrong in our life God usually gets the blame. But is this the truth? Does God break His own children or allow them to suffer?

In this insightful message you will discover the truth in God’s Word about our loving Heavenly Father and how only good and perfect gifts come from Him!

To listen to this message Click here or visit the Audio Pages here www.neridawalker.com


Simply Accept the Blessing!

Simply Accept the Blessing! | Hannah’s Victory.

FAQ – Is it God’s will for me to have a Baby?

FAQ: Is it God’s will for me to have a Baby?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive. So let me show you how you can KNOW beyond doubt what God’s will is in this area and also for every other area of your life…

FAQ – Is it God’s will for me to have a Baby? | Hannah’s Victory.