FAQ – Walking by Faith Vs Dead Works

Question:  What is the difference between “Walking by faith” and “Dead works”?

Answer: knowing the definition of both will bring clarity.

In a nutshell…

Walking by faith is acting on what you believe Jesus has already purchased for you.

Dead works is based on self-effort and on your ability to earn or to perform to please God by trying to do good, or to follow the law (or traditions and doctrines of men).

This doesn’t just apply for when we first received Salvation but also how we live the Christian life and experience the fullness of what Salvation contains; forgiveness, healing, fruitfulness, deliverance from evil, and a close relationship with God as our Heavenly Father.

It is not about ‘doing’ but about ‘believing’!

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast. Eph 2:8-9(NKJV)

Salvation and everything that being ‘saved’ contains is a gift from God, freely provided by His grace. It is a free undeserved provision not based on what we can or cannot do – on our performance, but is totally based upon Jesus performance – on what He has already done!

It is important to note here that faith does not ‘earn’ Salvation (or anything else for that matter). Faith simply positions us to receive what was freely provided. Faith means to believe and trust in Jesus and that His finished work was enough so that we don’t have to do a whole bunch of stuff to earn favour from God or to receive from Him. We are saved; forgiven, healed, prospered and made whole because we believe in Jesus!

Salvation and the Christian life is not about being performance driven but about believing and acting on what has already been given.

To identify if you are Walking by Faith or caught up with striving and dead works depends on your heart motivation.

Are you simply acting on what you believe you have received or is your focus on trying to receive?

Do you see yourself with the victory or without it? I am not talking about the natural circumstances but what do you believe about your natural circumstances?

Are you resting in what Jesus has done and you are experiencing peace or are you frustrated and have no rest?

We all act on what we believe.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by what we experience in the natural realm. If our circumstances, symptoms or diagnosis is more real to us than what God’s Word says then we can only respond according to what is happening in the natural. It affects what we do, think and say and the more we focus on the natural the more consumed we can become. It is easy then to fall into self-effort mode where out of a place of fear or desperation we start ‘doing’ a whole lot of naming, claiming, binding, loosing, begging and pleading to get God to move or to do something for us. Or we do the opposite we let go of the truth and give up or give into what’s happening or to how we feel.

If we are consumed with fear, desperation or discouragement, we are not at rest. We are stuck in the natural realm where for many there is no hope. If we want to break out of this cycle then we need to remind ourselves of what Jesus has already done and what we have already inherited as a believer. We do this by continuing to meditate on what God’s Word says regarding our situation. This is why we don’t confess, declare, name, claim and do a whole bunch of stuff to get God to move or to do something for us.  Instead, we need to meditate, (which means to study, mutter, utter) on God’s truth to move us into a deeper understanding and personal revelation of what has already been doneWhen God’s Word regarding our situation comes alive and real to us personally then our actions will then come from a different heart motivation. We start walking from a place of victory, acting on what we believe, knowing the battle has already been won rather than battling the natural trying and striving to see the breakthrough.

Questions and comments welcome!

Copyright 2010 Nerida Walker

This FAQ was also posted on Hannah’s Victory

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