FAQ – God’s Timing?

What About God’s Timing?

I have heard many say that God is waiting until they are ready, or until they have grown or have learnt something before He will heal them, prosper them or give them children.  Let me tell you, this is definitely not scriptural.  A lot of people find God through sickness, disease and suffering but that doesn’t mean that God caused or used it.  In fact, He will work in spite of it.  What Satan intended to harm and destroy, the Lord will take and work for good.

So, does God’s timing play a part when it comes to healing or to receiving children?  Do we need to sit and wait until God is ready to heal, bless us or give us a child?

When it comes to the finished work of the Cross and what Jesus purchased for us, I personally do not believe in ‘God’s timing’.  This is because it would mean you would be waiting for God to do what He has already done!

We know that when God created Adam and Eve, He created them healthy.  He blessed them and told them to go forth and to multiply.  Adam and Eve did not suffer with sickness or disease.  He made mankind blessed, fruitful, and healthy!  Remember, we don’t have to come and ask God for what He has already provided for us.  If you are struggling in this area you need to understand – it is NOT GOD WITHHOLDING FROM YOU.  God is not making you sick – or preventing you from being healed or from receiving children!

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the ‘knowledge’ of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden their eyes were opened and they knew evil.  Knowledge means to know by observing, calculating and experiencing.  Up until that point they only knew good.  We know that the result of the fall in the Garden meant that the world was now in a fallen state (it was now cursed for Adam’s sake – meaning as a result of what Adam had done).  Satan was also made god of this world.

God’s Solution

When Jesus died on the Cross, He paid the price for EVERYTHING that came into the world as the result of sin and the fall.  Satan is still roaming the earth as the god of this world (for a time) and the consequences of the fall are still at work, and this is why sickness, disease and infertility and miscarriage are still operating on the earth.  But, praise God, through the work of the Cross JESUS DISARMED IT ALL!  He deprived it of power to harm us!  He bore it ALL on His body, and He became our substitute.  So ANYONE who looks to the Cross LIVES!  We do not have to continue to be bitten by this fallen world and the effects of the curse of the law.  If we partake of the work of the Cross we can overcome and learn how to walk in victory over what we may experience!  Isn’t that exciting?!

Through Jesus, God has made the provision for your healing. And this includes healing from everything that can cause or contribute to any form of sickness, disease or pain upon your body.  It also includes whatever condition is preventing you from conceiving and carrying your healthy babies to full term.

We know that when Jesus ascended to heaven – He SAT DOWN!  His work was complete!  So this means that we don’t need to pray and ask God for what He has already provided because it is FINISHED!  This means sickness and disease and everything that causes them are FINISHED! So this also means that infertility, miscarriage and whatever causes those is FINISHED!

Healing and fruitfulness is God’s plan, purpose and will for all of mankind.  That never changes.   The causes of sickness, disease, infertility, miscarriage and pain are many and varied, but remember, Jesus has already paid the price for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING holding us back from receiving healing, conceiving and walking in perfect health!  So you can clearly see that God’s timing has nothing whatsoever to do with healing or having children.  Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father – WAITING FOR YOU – to go and possess EVERYTHING He died to give to you!

So what are you waiting for?  GO FORTH BE HEALED, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY!

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Also found on Hannah’s Victory – http://hannahsvictory.com/blog/2010/09/22/gods-timing/

Copyright 2009 God’s Plan for Pregnancy by Nerida Walker. [This is an exert from the healing chapter under FAQ].  This is also in the healing chapter of  my other book: It is Finished – transforming your life through the finished work of the Cross by Nerida Walker. For more information visit: www.godsplanforpregnancy.com andwww.itisfinishedbook.com

9 thoughts on “FAQ – God’s Timing?

  1. Its so hard to wait, this month I started bleeding on Christmas day, the dissappointment is hard to contain. I left church early because I could not stop crying. Dr says there is no reason why Im miscarried 3x & fertlity treatment for the last 6 months has not worked. I was too sick last month to do iui and looks like I will miss this months treatment too. Im feeling hopeless. please pray for me.

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  3. Hi Nerida, i am 8 weeks pregnant and doc said my baby didn’t growing, still 4 mm today, but i believe God’s doesnt want me to miscarriage. and i believe in His words. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  4. Hi Nerida, i am 8 weeks pregnant and i see doc today and he said the baby didnt growing (4mm), i believe in God’s word that God didnt plan for that. please pray for me. Thanks.

      • Hi Nerida,
        thanks so much for your reply&prayers. i had natural miscarriage last week. went through difficult time but i do believe God himself want me to have a child (Godly offspring) and i will not give up. God is good all the time

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