FREE Audio Message Downloads

Below is a list of some of our FREE Audio Message and Testimony Downloads. For a full list visit the audio page at:

FREE Audio Message Downloads

Conception Prayer! 
I’m always receiving requests from couples asking for prayer for healing of infertility, pregnancy health issues or for unborn babies. While I’d love to pray for everyone, time does not permit. Therefore, I have recorded a prayer that the Lord laid on my heart to help you.  You can also view this prayer on youtube. Quick Download Link

Nerida’s Interview on Rhema FM – 2012
Nerida shares her testimony and on how New Life Ministries was birthed. Quick Download Link

How to Stay Encouraged During the Holidays
My close friend, Bronwyn, my husband Shaun and I each share a brief message to help you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. I pray it will help strengthen and give you fresh hope for your future. Quick Download Link

Testimonies 2009
Some of the testimonies shared at the end of 2009. Nerida shares Bron’s and Isabelle’s story, then Amanda, Isabelle & Chris, Michelle and Tricia personally share what God has done in their lives – healing, victory over miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, conception after chemo and cancer and healing of a marriage! Quick Download Link

Overcoming Infertility by Leanne Brooke
Leanne shares her journey of overcoming PCOS, unbalanced hormones, threatened miscarriage and years of infertility. Leanne is now the mother of 4 miracle children! Quick Download Link

Victory Over Loss by Gillian Robson
In this message, Gillian Shares her testimony how she overcame the grief and sorrow after the loss of twins in the 2nd stage of pregnancy (after 7 years of infertility). Gillian not only overcame loss but also infertility and miscarriage. She is now a mother of 2 beautiful girls and walks in a spirit of victory.
Conception Testimony by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares her journey through how she conceived her first child through IVF and then her 2nd child supernaturally – in spite of impossible circumstances.
Bronwyn Conception Testimony
Bronwyn first shared her Journey in 2005 on her conception journey and victory over 2 threatened miscarriages with her first 2 miracle children. Bronwyn also shares how she experienced a joyful, quick and blessed birth with her 2nd baby after being traumatised while giving birth to her first baby.
Testimony By Bronwyn Emmett
Bronwyn shares her journey through both primary and secondary infertility and how after Five consecutive miscarriages she discovered God’s grace, which then enabled her to conceive against all odds and carry her baby safely to term without any complications!
Testimony By Sharon A
Sharon was healed from a tumour on her pituitary gland and from dermoid cysts. She is now a joyful mother of 3 beautiful boys.
Overcoming Grief through The Word of God by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares how to walk by the Word of God over loss and grief. This is a very powerful message that will encourage anyone that has lost a loved one.
 Frame your World through Your Words by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares a brief message to encourage you how to change your world through your words.
Endurance By Gillian Robson
Gillian shares how she learned how to fight the good fight of faith and not waver during her journey to conceiving her miracle babies. Discover what you can do in between discovering you can’t have children, finding the truth in God’s Word & then holding the baby in your arms.
Message for You!
Nerida shares a very candid and open message to encourage the couples on one of our on-line support groups. We felt to release this on the net so that other couples can be encouraged too.
Visit the Audio Pages at for more messages on fertility and also for General Audio messages on Healing and Jesus finished work.

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  3. Hello pastor Nerida walker I am writing this to tell you i saw your program on youtube and i like it me and my husband married over six years and we need a miracle baby for the new years we have faith and we believe in god it will be so thankful of you .
    we need your pray.

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