Healing Testimony

To cut a longish story short, at the end of a long day sight seeing in Agra (India) my feet were aching so I took my shoes off to walk on the cold marble. I felt a sudden lump appear under the arch of my left foot. At first it felt like I had trodden on something but when I tried to scrape it off it hurt. It then became increasingly painful to walk on my foot. When I inspected

it there was a largish solid black lump where my arch should have been. It looked like blood had pooled. We were at the top of a whole bunch of stairs on top of a mount so it was a long walk back down to the bus. I could only walk on my toes due to the pain. As the day grew to a close my foot grew worse. By the time I got on the train to go back to Delhi I could hardly walk on it. I was thinking how crazy it would look as a pastor if I am on stage preaching healing and I couldn’t walk on my foot 🙂 I then realised that all I had been doing was focussing on my foot & the more I focussed on it the bigger the situation appeared. I knew (by personal past experience) that this gets you nowhere and keeps you trapped in the natural seen realm). I had already prayed for my foot so I made the decision not to focus on it anymore, so I got out my iPad and started to go through my preaching notes.
About 5mins later when the inspector checked our tickets we were told we were on the wrong train carriage. Even though the train had no more stops and was half empty we were told to move to our correct train car which was 10 carriages away and at the front of the train. Because of the speed of the train, it was easier for us to walk as fast as we could AND half way through jumping through carriages I realised my foot had stopped hurting & I then completely forgot about it. When we arrived back in Delhi we had a long walk to our taxi and then up to our hotel room. After my shower as I was wiping my feet dry I realised that the lump had completely gone! There was a massive black bruise in its place but it didn’t hurt. The next day the bruise was purple and had shrunk considerably. Later that day we met up with our team member, Elaine who also happens to be a Dr. The following night I showed her my foot and explained what had happened. She said from what I described (& from what she could see) that I had broken a vein. BUT she said when it happens you need to put your foot up and put ice on it. That was impossible! She also said that ordinarily it should take 2-3 weeks to heal before you can walk on it properly again. She also said it is very painful. She had also experienced a broken vein in the past too. I am soooo thankful to Jesus that He showed me what to do. All we have done since we left Australia was walk! Every day has brought a lot of walking! Also Mizoram is literally built on side of a mountain so there was a lot of walking and also a lot of steps! It would have been close to impossible to get around with a sore foot!
I am so grateful that I know the truth about Jesus finished work and I pray this testimony encourages many others.
November 2012

2 thoughts on “Healing Testimony

  1. Loved your testimony. Timely for me too as I have recently become more conscious that I tend to pray, then I worry about it until my prayer is answered. I have noticed when I decide not to worry after I have prayed, my prayer gets answered almost immediately!
    Thanks for sharing. I have been meaning to send in my testimony of my miracle pregnancy to your site, hopefully will get it to you some time soon 🙂

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