FAQ – God’s Timing?

What About God’s Timing?

I have heard many say that God is waiting until they are ready, or until they have grown or have learnt something before He will heal them, prosper them or give them children.  Let me tell you, this is definitely not scriptural.  A lot of people find God through sickness, disease and suffering but that doesn’t mean that God caused or used it.  In fact, He will work in spite of it.  What Satan intended to harm and destroy, the Lord will take and work for good.

So, does God’s timing play a part when it comes to healing or to receiving children?  Do we need to sit and wait until God is ready to heal, bless us or give us a child?

When it comes to the finished work of the Cross and what Jesus purchased for us, I personally do not believe in ‘God’s timing’.  This is because it would mean you would be waiting for God to do what He has already done!

We know that when God created Adam and Eve, He created them healthy.  He blessed them and told them to go forth and to multiply.  Adam and Eve did not suffer with sickness or disease.  He made mankind blessed, fruitful, and healthy!  Remember, we don’t have to come and ask God for what He has already provided for us.  If you are struggling in this area you need to understand – it is NOT GOD WITHHOLDING FROM YOU.  God is not making you sick – or preventing you from being healed or from receiving children!

When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the ‘knowledge’ of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden their eyes were opened and they knew evil.  Knowledge means to know by observing, calculating and experiencing.  Up until that point they only knew good.  We know that the result of the fall in the Garden meant that the world was now in a fallen state (it was now cursed for Adam’s sake – meaning as a result of what Adam had done).  Satan was also made god of this world.

God’s Solution

When Jesus died on the Cross, He paid the price for EVERYTHING that came into the world as the result of sin and the fall.  Satan is still roaming the earth as the god of this world (for a time) and the consequences of the fall are still at work, and this is why sickness, disease and infertility and miscarriage are still operating on the earth.  But, praise God, through the work of the Cross JESUS DISARMED IT ALL!  He deprived it of power to harm us!  He bore it ALL on His body, and He became our substitute.  So ANYONE who looks to the Cross LIVES!  We do not have to continue to be bitten by this fallen world and the effects of the curse of the law.  If we partake of the work of the Cross we can overcome and learn how to walk in victory over what we may experience!  Isn’t that exciting?!

Through Jesus, God has made the provision for your healing. And this includes healing from everything that can cause or contribute to any form of sickness, disease or pain upon your body.  It also includes whatever condition is preventing you from conceiving and carrying your healthy babies to full term.

We know that when Jesus ascended to heaven – He SAT DOWN!  His work was complete!  So this means that we don’t need to pray and ask God for what He has already provided because it is FINISHED!  This means sickness and disease and everything that causes them are FINISHED! So this also means that infertility, miscarriage and whatever causes those is FINISHED!

Healing and fruitfulness is God’s plan, purpose and will for all of mankind.  That never changes.   The causes of sickness, disease, infertility, miscarriage and pain are many and varied, but remember, Jesus has already paid the price for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING holding us back from receiving healing, conceiving and walking in perfect health!  So you can clearly see that God’s timing has nothing whatsoever to do with healing or having children.  Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father – WAITING FOR YOU – to go and possess EVERYTHING He died to give to you!

So what are you waiting for?  GO FORTH BE HEALED, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY!

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The Light at the end of the Tunnel

Have you heard of the saying “The light is always at the end of the tunnel”?

Well that is rubbish in my eyes! Why look for the light at the end of the tunnel?!

Jesus is LIGHT and LIFE and you can have that right NOW!

Jesus is with you NOW! In fact, He is ALWAYS with you and He wants to walk WITH YOU every day and every step of the way! That ALONE always encourages me! This means that we don’t have to suffer or struggle on our own, Jesus is there as our helper, comforter, strengthener and standby!

We have EVERYTHING we need in Jesus!

Therefore, connect with Him in the NOW, and know that the light is ALREADY with you so that you can walk in victory every day and every step along the way 🙂

…He God Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down, relax My hold on you! Assuredly not! So we take comfort and are encouraged and confidently and boldly say, The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized with alarm, I will not fear or dread or be terrified. What can man do to me? Heb 13:5a-6 Amp

How to Stay Encouraged During the Holidays

When you are wanting children the Christmas and New Year period can be very painful. Not only has another year gone by but you may have to face family and friends with all their nagging questions.

My close friend, Bronwyn, my husband Shaun and I each share a brief message to help you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. I pray it will help strengthen and give you fresh hope for your future. This is a FREE Audio Message to bless you in your journey. Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33010

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Youtube Video’s

If you don’t already know I have a whole range of Video Messages and Prayers on Youtube.  Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/newlifem777 to view.

Redeemed from ALL Curses!

I meet many couples who are struggling in the area of infertility and miscarriage who have been told that they are under a curse and it needs to be broken off of their life.

BUT what does God say?

In this message you will discover the truth about Jesus finished work and how He has redeemed you from ALL curses so you can be FRUITFUL in every area of your life!

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Conception Prayer

I am always receiving requests from couples asking for prayer for healing of infertility and while I would love to pray for everyone, time does not permit. Therefore, I have recorded a prayer that the Lord laid on my heart to help you.

Please do not view this prayer as a quick fix or something to replace your own prayers but rather as a point of contact for you to connect your faith with. I believe the Lord will anoint this prayer so that it will help you to experience the breakthrough you need in your body to see your miracle baby come into manifestation.

And when you do I would love to hear of your testimony!

To view the prayer visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-moXkuxVIZU&feature=share&list=UUKlfS2XAJYfdvFqHY9nnLtQ

Healed of Stage 4 Cancer – Audio Testimony

Gillian shares her sons testimony

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FREE Audio Message Downloads

Conception Prayer! 
I’m always receiving requests from couples asking for prayer for healing of infertility, pregnancy health issues or for unborn babies. While I’d love to pray for everyone, time does not permit. Therefore, I have recorded a prayer that the Lord laid on my heart to help you.  You can also view this prayer on youtube. Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/41499

Nerida’s Interview on Rhema FM – 2012
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How to Stay Encouraged During the Holidays
My close friend, Bronwyn, my husband Shaun and I each share a brief message to help you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. I pray it will help strengthen and give you fresh hope for your future. Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33010

Testimonies 2009
Some of the testimonies shared at the end of 2009. Nerida shares Bron’s and Isabelle’s story, then Amanda, Isabelle & Chris, Michelle and Tricia personally share what God has done in their lives – healing, victory over miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, conception after chemo and cancer and healing of a marriage! Quick Download Linkhttps://neridawalker.cartloom.com/v3/cart/quickbuy/33012

Overcoming Infertility by Leanne Brooke
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Nerida shares a very candid and open message to encourage the couples on one of our on-line support groups. We felt to release this on the net so that other couples can be encouraged too.
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The Aizawl Post, Mizoram

Australian Team prays for Couples

Australian Team prays for Couples

Our Interview at Aizawl Press Club made it to Page 3 of  “The Mizoram Post” We were very excited to be able to spread the news of our visit so that we could reach more struggling to conceive. We also made it on TV as well!

The GOODNESS of God!

Did you know that God is good all the time? Most believers will say they believe this BUT when something doesn’t go as planned God usually gets the blame. When you know God’s character you will realise that He is not the one behind your trouble. However, He is always available to show you the way through.

The Known Character of God

There are many other references throughout the Bible that describe the true nature and character of God:-

1) God is love  – love covers a multitude of sins, it never fails or gives up (1 Cor 13)

2) God does not change, He is unchanging (Mal 3:6, James 1:17, Heb 6)

3) God does not lie (Num 23:19, Rom 3:4)

4) God cannot act contrary to His own character and nature (Heb 6)

5) God does not alter His Word or break His Covenant (Ps 89:34, Heb 6)

6) God’s Word is true and stands forever (1 Pet 1:25)

7) God does not test or tempt us with evil (James 1:13-17)

8) God’s Kingdom does not work against itself!  A house divided will fall!

9) ONLY good gifts come from God (James 1:17)

10) God does not withhold any good thing from the righteous (Ps 84:11b)

11) All of God’s callings and gifts are irrevocable, (without repentance), which means that God does not change His mind (Rom 11:29 – see Amp and MSG versions).

12) God does not show partiality or favouritism (Acts 10:34, Rom 2:11), which means that He does not bless one person over another.  God’s gifts are freely available to ALL who believe in Him.

Now that is Good News!