Barrenness Redeemed

Jesus has already won the battle of infertility and miscarriage for you!

Regardless of what others say remind yourself of this simple truth, that you were not created to be barren, infertile or sterile! If there is something missing in your body it can be replaced, if something has been damaged it can be restored and if there is a sickness or disease it can be removed!

The price has been paid and the victory over infertility and miscarriage has ALREADY been won for you through Jesus finished work on the Cross! Therefore, I encourage you to stop struggling and start RESTING in what Jesus has already provided for you!


Rest does not mean inactivity or to sit back and do nothing but means to cease from your own labour and self effort to earn favour from God or to make something happen. Instead trust in what Jesus has already purchased for you and let Him personally guide and lead you into your victory!